Best Fitness Playlist Ideas EVER

OMG GUYS, I am so excited to share my music with you right now.I am a person who when I work out, I NEED to have really specific music. I can't just put my iPod on shuffle and skip through the slow songs. I have tons of work out playlists. So I am going to give you guys a list of my favorite songs to work out to. One asterik denotes it's a Christian song (and I know some of you may not be into that, but they're such good work out songs so I'd recommend trying them out anyways!) and two asteriks denotes that it's explicit that I've noticed. ...more
@Darcie haha no not at all! A lot of the music is super new that I've actually gotten from my ... more

Is A Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Bad for Your Skin?

I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and have no plans to start eating meat any time soon. Am I hurting my skin with this dietary choice? What's the the truth about skin health and food? ...more
I love this blog because I'm planning on eating vegan a few days out of the week (starting with ... more