Salad-e Shirazi: Persian Tomato + Cucumber Salad

Salad-e Shirazi: Persian Tomato + Cucumber SaladSummertime is still here in the Netherlands, and with it we’ve acquired a hibachi grill. This is the best thing we’ve ever owned. But this post is not about the delicious things the Englishman has grilled on our €20 toy, but rather the  salad that goes so wonderfully with everything, Salad-e Shirazi. ...more

Sicilian Pistachio Cookies

I only spent one summer in Sicily as a child, but I remember being very impressed and chubbed up as a kid. Eating sweets made with pine nuts, dense ricotta-filled pastries, gelato and cookies made with almond meal and pistachios....more

Chick Pea Salad

Chickpea SaladThe food in the canteen at work is really unfortunate. I used to love hummus, for example, and one weird batch of the stuff at work sent me and my stomach into a fit which quickly ended my love affair with this Levant dish.So what was I supposed to do with the 4 cans of chick peas in my cupboard?Make lots of chickpea salad. ...more

Tuscan Cannellini + Pancetta Soup

Tuscan Cannellini + Pancetta SoupA few weeks ago, I literally squealed while visiting our local Sloterij. I found Cannellini beans. A distant cousin of the (also) Italian Lupini Beans, Cannellini have a creamy white color. When cooked, they have a fluffy texture and a slightly nutty, mild flavor. This makes them great for cold salads, or warm soups....more