Chocolate Blueberry Dahlia Cake

I think we all have our own visions of what we consider to be the ultimate death by chocolate experience, and well, this is mine. I love chocolate in all forms, most especially dark chocolate. It's rich, smooth and just amazingly good. Even better it's high in antioxidants, which is how I justify in my mind eating it daily!...more
this looks beautiful!!! I love the combination of chocolate and orange!more

Parsnip, Sage & Mascarpone Risotto

Parsnips don’t receive much love, but I adore them!!    I remember the first time I had parsnips. I was 8 years old, and we were visiting my aunt and uncle for lunch.  On our plate was an orange white mash consisting of carrot and parsnips.  I had no idea what parsnips were back then, but on first taste I fell in love with parsnips, and have loved them since then....more
@ledelicieux You're welcome -- that recipe looks delicious! -Geniemore

Chocolate Mint Cookies

In Australia we have a biscuit (cookie) called Mint Slice which is absolutely delicious. It's a chocolate cookie topped with a mint cream and coated in dark chocolate.  From what I've been told it's similar to the Thin Mint Cookies that the US Girl Scouts sell....more

Wicked Chocolate Orange Cookies

Chocolate orange would have to be one of my all time favourite combinations.  I've made so many chocolate orange recipes, but the thing is I never tire of this combination. It's just so delicious, and almost magical....more

Mushroom and Caramelised Onion Polenta Bites

Vegetarians, and vegans, often draw the short straw at Christmas. If you are dining with meat eaters your food can often be an after thought....more

Black Forest Pavlova

The Great Australian Pavlova Blog Hop event event was born out of a discussion among myself and fellow food bloggers, The Hungry Australian, Dining With a Stud, ...more

Mango Coconut Cake

My fiance and I watched Top Chef Masters the other night. It was the episode where the chefs cook a special meal for returned military personnel and the partners of those personnel tell the chefs what their partners favourite foods are.  It got my fiance and I talking about what we would tell a chef to cook for each other in the same situation....more

Carrot Fritters

What do you do with an abundance of carrots?  That was the question I asked myself recently.  Thanks to our farm box deliveries we’ve been inundated with carrots.  Carrot cake is always an option of course, and in fact I did make one using an unusual recipe, but the results were less than steller so in the rubbish bin went the cake.  The search for a great carrot recipe continued until I stumbled onto the simple idea of carrot fritters....more