If The Girls Are Up and Out You Are Standing Up Straight

Looking in front of the mirror naked can be a humbling experience for many. For others, they throw their arms over their head, start moving their hips and begin a rendition of “I’m too sexy for my….” You get the idea. I have been in both scenarios throughout my 50 years. Wow, 50....more

If It Feels Good Keep Doing It

There comes a time in every life happy or not where we just have to surrender to what is in front of us. Sometimes I find that something that makes me feel great about myself, can't possibly be good - like something programmed somewhere in my mind that pushes it away....more

What It Means When A Family Member Says They Love You But Don't Like You

Growing up in a family full of secrets is not new to many people. I grew up in one of those families, where even the simple things could be manipulated to end up being something else. It goes to show all of us just how important open and honest communication is. When family members come up with their own reasons for why things happen, and don't clear the air about their fears, doubts, anger and sadness, mayhem is sure to follow....more
I am forever amazed at how the notion of family changes, as the truths emerge from a childhood ...more

It's Not Just 20-Somethings--Boomer Men and Women Forget that Goes Means to Go, Not Said

Over the last several weeks, I have listened to many webinars and attended a few conferences. I have heard the word go, or goes in place of the words say and said (respectively) more times than I can count. One of my favorite sentences starts this way, "Well, he goes, like...." and when I see someone who (or hear it via webinar) I consider to be a real pro speak this way it makes me cringe. With all the coaching I have done in my life with speakers, and in preparing countless people for media interviews (radio and television); I now have a great aversion to it. ...more