Romney, Obama Get Scrappy in Debate Over Middle America

Former Gov. Mitt Romney needs Ohio and its 18 precious electoral votes, while President Obama hopes his hefty ad buys blocks his opponent in the Buckeye state where debate watchers took careful notes.But just today, there were whispers in certain circles that Michigan and Pennsylvania might also be in play. ...more
I'd like to know who these respondents are because I don't think they watched the same debate I ... more

Romney Slays Obama, Owns First Debate

From minute one, former Gov. Mitt Romney owned the first of three presidential election debates against the sitting President Barack Obama.That being said, Romney cannot afford to get overconfident in his skills or else, he'll lose Round Two....more
I don't think either one "won" the debate.  I felt that President Obama lost a bit of his luster ... more

I Was Verbally Accosted Over My Obama Yard Sign

The scene: My driveway, late afternoon. I was loading the kids up to go to JP's doctor's appointment and was in the middle of buckling XC into his car seat. A shiny blue RAV4 pulled alongside the curb, passenger window rolled down. I glanced up to see an older woman (late 60's, early 70's) leaning towards me. " have little children. I just...I just don't's irresponsible..." Hang on. What?...more
Back during the 2008 Election season I was placing Obama signs on the road side and was called a ... more