Weekend Menu Planning: Try Something New with Eggplant

If you're enthusiastic about eggplant, that might be enough to get you labeled as someone who likes weird food in some families. It's true that eggplant can sometimes be a hard sell, but there are so many delicious eggplant recipes that I'm convinced that people who think they don't like eggplant have never had it prepared well. And if you look at global cuisine, it's used in countries around the world, so those eggplant lovers can't all be wrong. ...more
 @Meli_Bunni Wow. Spam. I'm really angry, I went to your link despite my misgivings. I should ... more

Mourning Meal

I'm mourning the loss of my former way of eating. ...more
 @Linda Anselmi Things like broccoli slaw aren't necessarily 'processed' foods. just because ... more

Yes, Childfree Is Normal: Why I Moved From "Can't" to "Won't" Today

I think The Atlantic is the best publication around these days, and admire its thoughtful tackling of women’s issues. Why Women Still Can't Have It All, that post by Anne-Marie Slaughter that got so many people talking? I loved it—so smart and well argued. Of course, that post wasn't about me....more
I had only one child, and was totally happy with that. My mother was the only one who actually ... more