I Was Told I Wasn't "Pretty" On A First Date

I can honestly say that I have been on some of the worst dates in the history of the world.  And, of course, I totally checked the history of the world before I made that claim to fame.  Today, I’m going to share one of my more treasured memories with you. You may want to sit down for this one.  Scratch that.  Grab your laptop, find a friggin’ bed and lay down.  Yeah, it’s that bad....more
JenAndMen natalied6579 You weren't impressed with his looks. You asked what he thought of yours. ... more

Why Does That Black Girl Have a White Doll?

Recently I was in the airport with my family when something happened that really bothered me. So much so that now I have to talk about it, because that's what I do, I talk about stuff. Especially stuff that bothers me. My daughters, Thing 1 and Thing 2, were with me and, as usual, each of them had brought along one of their dolls as a traveling companion. This is one of the dolls that was along for the trip: ...more
LOVE this story!  My little sister was given a Black doll for Christmas one year, and I recall ... more

My Sister, Not My Friend

To say that my relationship with my younger sister has been less than perfect, would be the understatement of a lifetime. I would describe my relationship with my younger sister Tara Marie as turbulent, unstable and until very recently, upon the verge of eruption.My sister and I have always treaded lightly around each other as if we were walking around on cracked glass. Over the last year our already fragile relationship has been slowly cracking, and last October during my stepmother's violent behavior my relationship with my younger sister, Tara Marie, finally shattered....more
I've always felt like I should have been the protector of my sister.  We were cordial to each ... more

Could Your Family Live Without Cable? Mine Is About To Find Out.

"Have you lost your mind? Get rid of cable? Did you fall and hit your head? But how could we watch Big Time Rush?? What's going to happen to Good Luck Charlie? Oh dear God no! We're begging you, mom, PLEASE don't get rid of cable!"Image courtesy of Shutterstock...more
My husband and I have talked about it, but he's protested.  I don't watch that much TV, even ... more

Gluten-Free Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart

Have you ever been really proud of something you baked or created before? Like, really super duper uber proud? Every once in a while, you make something awesome. Or at least you think it’ll turn out awesome, and it actually does. Isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world? Ok, so you can relate to how I feel about making this tart....more
This has to make it into my meal plan! more

What Emily Dickinson Ate: Coconut Cake

A while back, I blogged about poet Emily Dickinson’s lesser-known passion—cooking and baking. I was able to track down one of her actual recipes, a Coconut Cake—or, as Emily spelled it, Cocoanut Cake. December 10 is Emily’s birthday. What better way to celebrate this brilliant American poet than by baking her Coconut Cake recipe?...more
I made this less than an hour ago, it's cooling.  Haven't tried it yet, but it smells awesome! more

BlogHer '13 Twitter and Blog ROLL CALL!

So you're going to BlogHer '13? Awesome! Get to know your fellow conference goers by jumping on the thread below and sharing your Twitter handle and/or blog URL. You can follow others, tweet your conference plans, and get to know your fellow attendees before arriving in Chicago. Mingle away!

How Do You Recharge?

Sometimes, we all need a little time to recharge. We each have our own way of doing that. Sometimes we do it alone. Other times we call upon our friends and loved ones to help us recharge our batteries. In Sylvia Day's Reflected in You, Eva recharges with her best friend, Cary. ...more
I like to be alone with my thoughts.  Since I spend a majority of my waking moments alone, many ... more

The Best Homemade Beauty Products for Less

After doing my post on green cleaning, I started thinking about how much money I was saving by not buying commercial cleaning products and how much safer I felt my family was without being exposed to all those chemicals. I started thinking of other ways to cut chemicals and unnatural products out of our lives and decided a great place to start would be some beauty items....more
I bought some Coconut Oil due to going gluten-free.  I didn't realize there were all these other ... more

Reviews of Windows 8 Come Pouring In

Windows 8 is a radical change from previous versions of Windows. The change is intended to make the touchscreen experience of the new operating system consistent across all Microsoft devices from PCs to tablets to smartphones. As PC World explains, it does not look at all like what Windows users are accustomed to seeing on their PCs. ...more
I have to agree with many of the reviews out there that the new Windows 8 OS is much more suited ... more