Why I Like Being a Small Blog

I haven't been posting a whole lot. But that's okay. I can do that. We don't like to but sometimes we just can't help comparing ourselves to those blogs that earn money, have thousands of page views per day, get a ga-zillion comments or boatloads of free stuff. That is all well and good, but it comes at a price that some of us little blogs don't have to pay. I realize that "small" or "large" when referring to blogs is subjective, but I think we have a general idea of what category our own blog fits into. Here are some reasons that I really like being a little blog. ...more
sunnysideshlee There is an upside once you get past that inclination to want to blow up and be a ...more

"Downton Abbey", You're A Filthy, Filthy Tease

A lot happened on last Sunday night's Downton Abbey, but perhaps the biggest shock of all came when Masterpiece's Laura Linney announced at the end of the episode that this week would be the season finale. Yikes! Say it isn't so....more
@TheBlackTortoise Yes the women of Downton definitely seem to be more forward-thinking and ...more

Backup Your Social Media Content Because Even Big Sites Close Down

Sites come and go; they're sort of like friendships in that way. There are the ones that are such an enormous part of our lives that we can't imagine waking up one day and not having them there. There are others that we like well enough, or they fit us during a certain point in our life, but later on, we realize that we haven't visited them in months and we really don't miss them either, even though there are no hard feelings. Sometimes the user needs the site and lives in fear of it disappearing. Other times, the feelings aren't quite mutual and while the site wants us to stick around, we really don't want to invest our energy in that relationship anymore. We need sites. But they also need us. ...more
What a great reminder that it's important to back up much more than just our blogs!more