Island Hopping: Dominica

Of all the islands in the Caribbean that I’ve been to, I’d have to say that Dominica (pronounced: dom-a-nee-ka) was my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, because it was still beautiful, just in a different way. The island itself is considered the, "Nature Isle of the Caribbean," because of its unspoiled nature and I imagine would be a hikers paradise. It's the youngest of all the Caribbean islands and is still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity....more

Standing On A Corner in Winslow, Arizona

♫ Standing On A Corner in Winslow, Arizona ♫Recognize those lyrics?It's, Take It Easy, by The Eagles.Don't worry, even though I've heard the song many times, it didn't hit me until I saw this:...more

The Town Too Tough To Die

 The Town Too Tough to DieTombstone (population: 1,380) is the historic western city of Cochise County, Arizona that was founded in 1879.  It was one of the last wide-open frontier boomtowns in the American Old West. The town prospered from about 1877 to 1890, during which the town's mines produced $40 to $85 million in silver bullion, the largest productive silver district in Arizona. Its population grew from 100 to around 14,000 in less than 7 years....more

Is Jefferson, Texas Haunted?

Located on the Big Cypress Bayou in Northeast Texas, Jefferson could (and should) be considered a portal for time travel, because once you cross over the Bayou, it takes visitors back to the Golden Era with horse-drawn carriages, steamboats, and red brick streets. If you are looking for history, then Jefferson (population 2,024), is the place you want to be....more

Carroll, New Hampshire (Bretton Woods)

Today, we're going to venture north up Route 302, past the steep and narrow gorge of the Saco River called Crawford's Notch that offers up scenic waterfalls along the way and into the town of Carroll, New Hampshire which is near Mount Washington....more

Halloween Decorations...for Rednecks

Halloween Decoration Ideas...for Rednecks.You may or may not have some of these and you may or may not even know it, but I'm going to show you some great ideas for Halloween decorating like a real redneck.I did not find these on Pinterest, but you know that this topic deserves the spotlight. Like, top 10 pins or some shit.Here we go......more

The Emmy's and Farmers Only

Speaking Southernese

If you are new here, then you'll learn that I'm from the south. Everyone else that's been around a while already knows. Let me clarify that I'm not a native southerner, because I was actually born in the Pacific Northwest, but I have spent most of my life in Texas, even though at the age of 30, I moved to New Hampshire. I get bored easily, and now I would prefer not sticking around in one place too long. Needless to say, I have the travel bug inside me....more
Dadburnit, I like this post an awful lot. "Mighty" is a good adjective, too. For example, you're ...more

What Your Blog Writing Says About You

What Your Blog Writing Says About You...We all interpret others and put them into different personality categories. You know what I mean: “She's a Type A,” “Uncle Ned is a control freak,” “Your brother is too laid back," "Gina is an asshole."There are lots of systems and tests out there used in typing people’s personalities, some more useful than others. I’m going tell you a little about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). What this does is measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. ...more


You know you're getting older when ...At the ripe old age of 43 (shut up), I've realized that I'm getting older....more
@phuein Ha! The dog wouldn't sit still, thus the reason for the semi-blurry photo, but thank ...more