Amy Gabriel

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Amy Gabriel


Blogger, type-ese artist, poet, social networking diva, mother, wife, house elf, generally lost but working on "finding". Recently rediscovered her passion for writing at the tender age of thirty-something.  Living a life that she had deemed impossible; a life filled with the beauty of words and self actualization, syllabically enhanced encapsulated in a happy ending. 

The love of words has been a constant in Amy’s life.  At a young age she discovered that reading was the greatest escape/pleasure/release/comfort, that could ever have been found.  As a result, words became a constant companion; swirling in a polysyllabic dance that shaped the future of her world.  A multitude of years spent in hospital rooms with a sickly sibling allowed her love for reading, and consequently writing, to come to full fruition. 

Overcoming obstacles is a prevailing theme in Amy’s blog Words With Sass (, as well as her written and spoken poetry.  She has had difficulties throughout her life but has used them as a tool for inspiration versus despair. 

A recovering alcoholic, since the age of nineteen, Amy has gleaned a take on life that only comes from a spiritual journey of sorts.  Years spent in formal education and employment as an Addictions Therapist/Mental Health Counselor, perpetuates a unique take on her writings.  The peculiar twists of the human condition pepper her poetry with a transient zest for the real and raw.  Another blog that she authors is I Love Recovery (  A site for clean and sober and everything in between, Amy was asked to write this by In The Rooms (, a social networking website for individuals recovering from addictions.  

A bitter expedition into a marriage with “Prince Charming-Less”, surprisingly did not leave her bitter but perpetuated compassion for suffering and heartbreak.  All life experience is fodder for the poetry of Amy Gabriel, or  ~ a.G.~, her common moniker.  Enriched with passion and the exploration of the human heart make for an interesting foray into the vast universe that is her compositional fortitude.   

So ~ a.G.~ writes... a lot. Spends the rest of her time caring for six children and a husband, one fat cat and another very lean, formerly the owner of one mouse that mysteriously found a new home after biting the hand that fed it (literally) and attempting to make her way.