Create Your Stock Photo Portfolio

Listen, nowadays we all have a camera with us almost all of the time. Whether you are working, playing, or just sitting around, your phone is usually in your hand or pocket, right? So why are you going to stock photos for your blogs? The time that it takes to search for the appropriate photo for your post could be used searching for your own image that tells the story. You can do it!...more
Oh Wow! Great idea. I've never really even thought to do this.   When I lived abroad, I had my ... more

3 Golden Rules to Get People to Answer Your Emails

Today I was enjoying the mini-mastermind group that I participate in. One person brought to the table the challenge of getting people to respond to their emails. Lack of response is delaying the organizations progress (while also driving him nuts as the project leader). What should he do? This is a great question! I hear this from small business owners and corporate leaders alike. So, how do you get people to give you the responses you need by when you need them? Follow these 3 golden rules and you'll be amazed what happens. ...more
I went from teaching fourth grade to working for a private company.    Emails have definitely ... more

How Did You Select Your Web Hosting Company?

I find myself in the position of "owning" four websites/blogs and quite confused about finding them homes with webhosting companies.My priorities are pretty straightforward- affordability (not "cheap" but affordable)- customer service in proportion to the affordability- wordpress hosting- local business (Pittsburgh)- a good corporate citizenI'd really prefer to have one company for everything, but that's for my own sake and that's where it gets more complicated....more
A blogger who I follow recommended Bluehost. I signed up with them about a year ago and have ... more

Chilling More, Hustling Less This Holiday

I used to be the kind of person who went gangbusters over the holidays. As a kid I loved every minute of it. Even though my mother never decorated until after my birthday on December 19th, we lived it fully. (She wanted my birthday to be special and separate from the holiday. She was that kind of awesome mom.) As an adult, I tapped into the obsessive and addictive part of me and got swept away in the holiday madness trying to create more. ...more
I'm so glad I just read this!!  Especially, since I JUST finished writing a To Do List for my ... more

What to do when your blog isnt getting the attention you want

I have recently been experiencing a little bit of frustration because my Beauty Bytes blog isn't getting the traffic I had hoped it would. I think to myself "what am I doing wrong?" Maybe my content isn't interesting enough or its not original enough to gain an audience. For the past week, I have been thinking all sorts of reasons, but then I realized something, you have to start from the bottom before you can reach the top. Every blogger has experienced a day when they feel like a total failure because their blog isn't getting the response they hoped for....more
Thanks for the positive message!  As a relatively new blogger, I too have been disheartened with ... more

The First Step in Ditching the 9-5 and Starting Your Own Business

I was posed the question over the weekend “so what is the first step in starting your own business.”  As I sat there and thought about it a number of things immediately popped into my mind. Develop your business idea, write a business plan, decide on a business name, find a mentor, work out the finances, and so on. All those details you think about that go along with starting your own business. ...more
Along with making the decision to do it, I've also needed to make the decision to be persistent. ... more

Turning Ideas Into Reality: It's All About Execution

Lots of people have great ideas, yet few actually do what it takes for their ideas to see the light of day and come to life. Whether your idea is for a new product, experience you wish to have, or a better way of doing business, you need to transform your vision into reality. Otherwise, nothing happens. ...more
Finding time to work on important things is something I struggle with. Well, my true problem is ... more

How To Buy A Suit For Work

I’m always on the lookout for the perfect suit.  At my job, the dress code requires that I wear a suit to work at least a couple of days each week, so I have acquired several suits over the years.  My goal is to make sure that I feel confident and look powerful. When I bought my first suit, I found the entire experience a little overwhelming.  I went to several stores and tried on a range of styles before I found the right one. What color suit should I buy? What style suit should I wear? What type of fabric? Pantsuit or skirt suit?...more
I was a teacher for about 10 years, so I had little need for a suit. In my current job, I ... more

Which Ways Are You Brave?

When I started working on my latest book about how fear makes you sick and how courage helps you heal, I had the nerve to tell Matt I was writing the book for fearful people like him. (Note to self: Keep some thoughts private.)Not surprisingly, Matt got offended and we had a bit of a tiff, which we can now laugh about enough for him to give me permission to tell you this story.Dirty Feet...more
I've never really thought of it this way. I'm the type of person who tends to harp on the ... more

Scam Alert: Computer Support Edition

Remember how I'm always saying that sometimes it's hard for me to know what it is that people don't know?  This is why I'm forever grateful to friends and family for asking me questions or falling for scams, so that I have something to post about.  This time it was my mom... Sorry Mom, gotta warn the folks, don't take it personally! ...more
Thanks for sharing this story. I have befriended an older woman (she is 75 years old), and she ... more