Wanna dance?

My daughter is the type of child described as "high-spirited" by kind people. I thought all toddlers were as energetic as she is until her daycare providers began commenting on her busy nature. One day when my husband went to pick her up, he heard one of her teachers say, "Oh, Sass' dad is here," with a distinct sigh of relief. From grandparents to teachers, everyone loves her joie de vivre, as long as they can have a nap after watching her for any length of time....more


Five 12-year-old Christian girls sitting in a row at Bible camp, giggling and poking each other while the camera flashes. Our parents are pastors and worship leaders, our lives like carbon copies of each other in a steady rhythm of sermons, youth group meetings and ministry outreach.Twenty-two years pass.We are two blondes, a former blonde, a brunette and one who can't remember what her real hair colour is anymore.Our jeans range from size 4 to 20.We have three tattoos, two navel rings, a nose stud, a grown-in tongue stud and too many ear piercings to count....more

What's that puddle?

In my 15 years of participating in group fitness classes, I've been a member of four gyms, a kickboxing dojo, a bellydance school, a salsa/swing dance company and a zumba studio. Note I said a member, not an expert. There's only one field in which I have my black belt, earned through blood, sweat and tears as well as careful observation of areas where others have struggled.I am a fitness etiquette ninja. ...more