Build a stockpile for a year's worth of giving

You may have been all wrapped up in the many sales going on over the past week maybe you even saved or holding out for better deals. Well there are no better deals than what' s already in your own home.  Here are a few ways to use what you have on hand along with  a few other inexpensive items to build a gift stockpile....more


PLANNING A BUDGET:Know your income and your expenses.What‘s income? Pay check, social security check, child support any other part time work babysitting etc. What’s an expense anything you spend money on from utilities to entertainment those movie stubs too.Gather all receipts from your gas, restaurants; any spending you do gather them.Gather all your statements:Utilities (water, gas, electric)Phone bill: land line and wirelessCable/satelliteInternetInsurance (life, car, home, health)...more


With more and more ways to save in the store it’s time to discuss what to do with all those savings. If you are like most Americans you hold a fair amount of credit card debt an average of $15,799 if you’re a student up to $26,600.00 what do you do and where do you begin....more


With the official start of summer beginning later this week I thought I  would  give some ways to save on a favorite and relatively inexpensive family time camping. Summer Camping can be fun and inexpensive if you plan ahead and with some creativity you can save and not sacrifice comfort. Many national park services’s offer the option to stay in a cabin, lodges and inns at bargain rates. Visit for location, prices, and amenities- pools, laundry breakfast. These fill up fast so schedule soon....more


Hope you are busy getting your Father’s Day gift together still struggling with ideas well here’s some quick gift basket ideas. If your dad is like my husband then he enjoys snacks so raid that stockpile and make a movie night basket. Fill it with candy, popcorn, nut mixes you can even have the kids make cookies for dad or brownies. Need a movie check out these great coupons on the Father’s Day page....more

Father's Day Freebies

Father’s Day FreebiesFather’s day is just a few days away, Sunday 15th, so I thought I would give you some ideas for this father’ s day. First visit our Summer Saving Page for inexpensive and free restaurant guide and free craft for little hands to handle....more

Make the most out of a Dollar Tree shopping trip.

Make the most out of a Dollar Tree shopping trip.Small Print: First thing we must do is read the small print.Dollar Tree has many brand names that we see in larger stores, however the Dollar Tree is a bit different. That difference size the different sizes can make it difficult to shop if you are not reading your coupon correctly so read your coupon carefully to ensure proper sizes and descriptions.Stock:...more

Spend Less Save More: Stockpiles and Exporation Dates

What do you do with the big haul you have to start or add to your stockpile? Recently my kids noticed it was hard for them to find the dates we marked on boxes with a marker that we changed up the way we keep track of expiration dates....more

Spend Les Save More: Coupon Organization

Now that you’ve gathered up all those new coupons for this week’s sales it’s time to make your list of needs and wants. Now remember needs always come  first and the wants last so make those list so that if for some reason your calculations are a bit off you know what you can do without and what you can’t....more

Spend Less Save More: Free Coupon Sources

Looking for new coupons is always the goal of any couponer. I have tried to make it easier on all of us by posting new matchups every Sunday usually by Sunday morning definitely by the end of the day for each of the stores showcased on my site....more