The Top 10 Challenges of Women Leaders

What are the real challenges women leaders in business face? It's not the glass ceiling or taking a hiatus to have children. It's all about the traps we allow ourselves to fall into. Read this insightful post and see which ones you may be falling prey to and how to break free. ...more
thank you, very interesting. I am still not sure how to distinguish between being protective and ... more

What Percent of Your Work Day is Spent Dealing with Email?

Email. It's a blessing ... and a curse. Many of us spend a significant portion of our day managing work email. Writing it, reading it, flagging it and putting it into folders has become an action item for many that was not even part of the work landscape a few decades ago. And sometimes (shudder) it even follows us home and comes after us with its plaintive little beeping voice late at night or on the weekends....more
Emails were "not even part of our landscape a few decades ago", but I still remember the huge ... more

Am I a scientist? What is a scientist?

I have a PhD in Medical Genetics - but I no longer do wet lab research. Can I call myself a scientist?...more
I worked as a professional translator and I would not refer to myself as a translator anymore. ... more

Why You Should (And How You Can) Develop The Power Of Praise

Do you recall a time when praise gave you a lift?  ...more
It is a very nice post and I certainly agree (especially with "Be specific"). Just a formal ... more

Want to Get Ahead? Flirt!

Wow, so it has been confirmed. Flirty females are more likely to gain negotiating mileage and get ahead in their careers. Does that mean the rest of us (those not perky like unicorns and rainbows) are screwed? Not so fast... ...more
The research you mention seems to have been summarised in a terrible way by journalists (or ... more

A Rant, A Little Rage and "Mom Jobs"

[Editor's Note: Do you find yourself over-explaining your career choices to people? Trying to justify your choices to others (working full-time, part-time, staying at home, or some other creative option)? Perhaps even a little trying to validate your own choices? Here's a post that's part rant, part stream of consciousness that takes a raw look at this challenge of balancing raising your kids with working. - Paula G] ...more
Thanks,  @drannmaria  this is encouraging! Moreover: your children will find it "normal" to work ... more

I Don't Feel Like a Good Mom

"You're a good mom." I've heard it many times. My mom, my husband, therapists, coworkers, friends, aunts, grandma -- even my in-laws have said it several times. "You're a good mom." They say it and all I think about are those times when I yell. Or the times I turn on a movie so that I can write post, browse Pinterest or just have a few minutes of peace while I make dinner. ...more
@Finding Rebecca good point. Instead of fighting about who has the best football player child or ... more

How to Write (Better): How To Get Past Writer's Block and Release Your Inner Muse

Except when she can't be found. Except on those days when your mind is as blank as the page or screen in front of your eyes. Except on those days when your creative process is on strike. Days when words stick like super glue to the ends of your fingers — they won't flow from your hand to the page. ...more
I completely agree and this is what I do myself (just "force" me to start, the rest will ... more

How to Write (Better): How to Write a Rant

I love a good rant. I love to read them, and I love to write them. I love to read them, because a good rant is smart and energetic and inspiring and often funny. I love to write them, because I get to practice creating something smart (and energetic and inspiring and funny), and because it feels so good to let an argument hang out. ...more
Sorry for joining so late. As one who receives more rants than she writes (because I do not ... more

5 Must Haves For The Frequent Business Flyer

Business travel by plane can be nerve-wracking enough while in-flight, but the real scares lie before you even pre-board the aircraft. A million little fears and questions dance through our heads. Did I remember my phone charger? Should I check-in early or wait? What time should I leave to get to the airport to beat the traffic and baggage check rush? And the absolute worst one of all – what if the plane takes off and I forgot something important at home??? ...more
1--3 seems to me to be tantamount to: bring with you something to do (either a book, an Ipad, ... more