Do Women Pay More For Health Insurance Than Men?

A 30-year-old woman pays 31 percent more for health insurance than a man of the same age -- for identical coverage. For 25-year-old women, the gap is even more shocking: for individual healthcare plans (not including maternity coverage) women are charged up to 84 percent more than men. The Affordable Care Act is trying to rectify this example of discrimination, so why are so many women fighting it? ...more
"The openly stated primary priority of the Republican Party is to overturn this law. For the ... more

The Day You Left Me

Most of all, thank you for leaving me the blanket for when I curl up on the couch to sleep tonight, my laptop at my side, a pile of books at hands’ reach -- the way you first found me, only so much more. You leave me as more, not less, because of your refusal to let me leave that first time I tried -- the second and third, so long ago now -- when I was terrified of closeness. You taught me that closeness was possible. You taught the wildfire the beauty of a hearth. And maybe I'm not meant to be a hearth, but now I know what it means to be a safe place even as I rush across Sepulveda Pass. ...more
You are an amazing writer. Amazing. You are so courageous to put it all out there, such a ... more

My Financial House of Halloween Horrors!

Every year I decorate my house for Halloween. With excitement I carve the pumpkin, string the goblin lights, hang the ghouls, set up the cemetery, and blow up the witch! It is the most wonderful time of the year for someone like me! ...more
Isn't it crazy how much we spend on holidays? I also LOVE this time of year - the decorating, ... more

On Wholeness: A Child of Divorce Begins Her Family

While those who know me well were perhaps aware of this a long time ago, it’s only in the last few years, really, that I think I became aware of my own obsession with family. Maybe a longing for wholeness is always present in children of divorce. In my case, the split happened when I was very young, only a year or so old. My mother got remarried when I was two-and-a-half, so I grew up in a home with two parents. ...more
My fiance's son is in a similar situation as how you grew up. Him & his ex-wife divorced shortly ... more