I Gave My 8-Year-Old Son Permission to Run Away

"Nobody likes me in this family," Ryan ranted from his corner. And guess what, I don't like any of you back! I hate you all, even you!" Me? I sat on the edge of his bed. I took a breath. Not so easy to breathe frankly, when my child can yell at me and I yearn to yell back, to lapse into the equally childish. So before I could think of what to say, I said what I felt: "That's hurtful." My son's anger turned muted. Tearful. But he held his resolve. "I don't care! I'm running away! To California. The very farthest place on earth I can get from here." ...more
LOL! Reading this brought me much joy as my nine year old son "ran away" this weekend because he ... more