Sharelle-Desiree Lowery


Sharelle D. Lowery is a San Francisco based lifestyle, luxury and etiquette blogger and Editor-in-Chief of

Sharelle shares witty, sophisitcated, urban anecdotes for style and class questions via her Alter Ego, "Classy.Black.Girl!"  She also holds Upscale Lifestyle events for Women.  Sharelle is a conference speaker favorite and brand ambassador darling because of her ability to share honestly from her perspective and deliver information to a demographic that she understands-the Bougie Black Chick.

An Alumni of California State University, Fresno and the West Palm Beach School of Protocol...Sharelle D. Lowery is a smart-cookie with a penchant for the perfect and panache!

You can follow her on Twitter @ClassySharelle and of course check out her regular writing at