In Her Defense, I Defined My Journey

So, I got dissed a few weeks ago....more all of that sadness and pain there is MORE pain.  Girl some women are soooooooo on ... more

BlogHer '14 | Attendee Roll Call - Share Your Twitter & Blog Links Here!

Do you know the way to San Jose? Before you get into town for BlogHer ’14, meet some new friends and make new connections by introducing yourself in the thread below. Share your Twitter handles, blog URLS and websites, or wherever you like to hangout online. You never know who you might meet at BlogHer!

I Log Every Single Thing I Eat. Here's Why.

I've gotten a lot of questions about how I maintain my weight and what kind of diet I follow, so today we're going to talk a little about logging food and how it works for me and might (or might not) work for you....more
I have signed up for my fitness pal and then deleted it at least 100 times!  Its a great app, I ... more

What to Do When Herbs Take Over Your Garden

So, I have to tell you all about my new favorite kitchen accessory. It was a gift from my soon-to-be mother-in-law. These Ball jar freezer cubes are ahhh-amazing!!! ...more
What an awesome idea!!!...Yes and I am going to use it!! more

Every Waking Moment Doesn't Need To Be Blogged

Anybody that knows my daughter and me know that we love being on the move. From the time she was a tiny baby up to now, she's been my roadie for the last few years. Once I started blogging and writing about our adventures, forget about it. We were up and down the road creating blog-worthy experiences and Pinnable moments. I feel incredibly blessed for the opportunities that we've been able to have because of my work, and they have really enhanced our lives. ...more
This was such a poignant post!  I think that sometimes my friends and family get a little pissed ... more

X Marked the Lump on My Breast

WHAT IS THIS? My fingers felt a grape size lump under my right breast. Is this a lump on my breast? My heart skipped a beat. What does it look like? I asked Daniel, my future husband, to describe it to me. "It looks like a pimple. Maybe." Okay. So maybe it is a pimple and my skin is reacting to it. To be on the safe side I'll make an appointment on Monday. The "what if it's not" kept my mind racing for hours. It took all of my willpower to not get into bed and cry. It took all of strength to not freak out. If I did freak out then this finding was real. ...more
Wow!!...This made me remember about Buddy Check and that we should not only check OUR own ... more

November's NaBloPoMo is Here! Join the Blogroll to Enter To Win iPad Mini(s)!

It's time, everyone! Join the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) blog roll and commit to write (photograph, draw, craft poetry, whatever) every single day this month! Every November, thousands of bloggers make this commitment to post daily. But it's about much more than posting; it's about community, connection and our shared craft. Those are all values worthy of a monthlong public celebration. So let's get into all the sparkly details! ...more
If I signed up, posted every day but didnt post the link HERE...can I still qualify? I loved ... more

Pinterest Best Practices and Busted Myths (Class 2 of 3)

Master Class Segment 2 of 3: Getting the most bang for each and every pin. Click here for all the Pinterest master classes....more
This was excellent!!...I pin already, but it has encouraged me to really pin at least 5-10 pins ... more

An All-New!

After beta-testing a new Food section for the past month with the help of this community, we are launching an all-new BlogHer! Now we can showcase an even larger number of posts each day, by sharing all new posts created by the 3,000 BlogHer Publishing network bloggers. And, as always, all of the community is invited—and encouraged!—to share your words and your work on Join us! ...more
I love the way that it looks!!...Im actually moving my OWN site into a Pinterest Style Site! more

BlogHer PRO '12 Twitter and Blog ROLL CALL!

You're excited. We're excited. We're all excited for BlogHer PRO '12! Get to know your fellow conference goers by sharing your Twitter handle and/or blog URL on the thread below. You can follow others, tweet your conference plans, and mingle with your fellow attendees before arriving in San Francisco.