The Bachelor Drinking Game: A "Tornado of Negativity"

The new season of The Bachelor is now officially underway so it's time I introduce you to The Bachelor drinking game. Got a pencil? Every time Bachelor Sean and/or the bachelorettes say certain words, take a drink of the beverage of your choice.  This week, it’s water.  (Yeah, I’m a wild woman.  Tell me something I don’t already know.)...more
Oh my. You would have alcoholic posioning if you had to drink when someone says, "absolutely!" more

Dear Stranger, Hands Off!

Dear Person Touching My Baby, I know what you’re thinking, and I completely agree with you: She is adorable. It’s just that you are, well, you know, not. In fact, you’re covered in germs and all sorts of other things. God knows where your hands have been -- you did wash them last time you pooped, right?...more
An older woman in a grocery store KISSED my oldest son as a newborn. She leaned over to him and ... more