Toddler's Fascination With Dog Food

Our son is fascinated with our dog’s food.  Every time we feed the dog or he helps feed the dog, the food ends up all over the carpet and tile.  It’s as though the dog food is a toy to him. He even puts the food in little bowls and pots for the little play kitchen set....more


Unemployment can really make you think about a career. As you spend hours applying for jobs and re-applying for jobs you may come to realize that it's time to search out a new career field....more

Relieve Stress

Stress, it can hit you like a bag full of bricks or creep up on you slowly. Though, there is nothing like the stress of finances. It can bare the burden of an entire life time.You must remind yourself that even though your finances are a major role in your life you need to enjoy life. Take the time to enjoy all the little things that matter to you most; Family, friends, pets, vacations, working out, and even just relaxing. Sometimes each one of these is taken for granite. As a reminder, these all help relieve your stress....more