Playing Out Customer Service Woes via Social Media

I'll admit that I thought it.  We were dealing for the ninetieth time with the department store where we purchased our ant-infested dishwasher.  They were refusing to give us a new non-ant-infested dishwasher and said unfortunately they couldn't do anything for us because there were no parts to fix.  It was on the tip of my tongue as the man told us that the warranty didn't cover things such as the dishwasher becoming infested with ants while at the warehouse: I am so going to blog this and name your big store and ask everyone to spread word across social media that your popular department store sells nasty dishwashers. Ooooh, I so wanted the Internet to rise up against them. ...more
I've also had some great results with complaining online. If it's a serious issue I first go to ... more

Editing My Own Story: Going Back to School at 36 Changed My Life

I was 36 when I decided that I didn’t want to do what I was doing any more, and certainly not every day for the rest of my working life. ...more
You are such an inspiration! Congratulations on following your dream. It's so easy to stay stuck ... more

BlogHer Food Interviews: Brand-Blogger Relations

This week's BlogHer Food '13 speaker interview brings us the panelists from our Brand/Blogger Relations session. Working with brands is an issue that newer and seasoned bloggers alike struggle with, so I asked the speakers to share something with us: Share one tip as a teaser to your panel how PR friendly bloggers can work better with brands. Just one!...more
Thanks for this great and insightful post. I've worked with brands for some time now and often ... more

How Facebook Changed My Attention Span... What Did You Say?

Because these are the ways in which I am now sharing my life -- in these punchlines, these sound bytes -- I find myself narrating to myself the Facebook post that will most wittily describe my actions AS I’M DOING the action. So not only has Facebook become the thing that I feel compelled to check every hour or so throughout the day, even as my children demonstrate that they need my immediate attention, even as I excuse those needs by explaining to them and to myself that I have needs too, not only has Facebook drawn me into its folds like street drugs draw junkies, it has also changed the way in which I actually experience my life. ...more
I must say my Facebook usage is under control, but a friend is having hassles. Her kids would ... more

Why I Won't Throw My Kid a Pinterest Birthday Party

I have a confession to make. My son just turned 6 this week. And... I dropped the ball, so to speak, on planning a big basketball birthday party like he had originally asked for. There are so many moms out there who are far more creative than me. It's easy to look at Pinterest (like this boy's basketball party, which is awesome) and think that I'm failing when it comes to throwing my children cool birthday parties. ...more
When I look at those Pinterest parties, I can't help but feel inadequate. Those are some ... more

What Will You Find When You Download Your Twitter Archive?

I was recently reading this post from BlogHer’s Blogging and Social Media editor, Melissa Ford, about backing up your social media content, which said one of the things you should do to protect yourself is download all of your tweets. Did you know you could do that? ...more
This is cool! I'm going to try it and revert! more

The Seven Deadly Sins Come to Blogging

Lust, gluttony, greed... oh yes, the seven deadly sins are alive and kicking in the social media world. Writing.Wishing has a post outlining how the seven deadly sins manifest themselves when it comes to blogging. Ever raged against a social media site? Checked your follower numbers obsessively? Envied the opportunities of other bloggers? Then this post is a must-read. ...more
Ooooh! I'm probably guilty to all of them to some extent.... more

Leading a Double Life Online and Offline

I recently made a new friend, and one of my thoughts was "when do I tell her about my blog?" It's not a secret, but it also isn't something I necessarily lead with. Still it can make me feel sometimes as if I treat my presence in the online world as I would a spy cover. ...more
Very interesting question indeed. There was a time when I first started blogging when I used to ... more

Moms Join Facebook to Creep on Kids? Oh, REALLY, Mashable?

All moms are sweet little ladies who use Facebook only because their kids do, of course. Wait – what's that? You're a mom and you use Facebook to do something other than spy on and embarrass your kids? Well, go share that with Mashable, which posted an infographic that depicted moms on Facebook in strangely out-of-date ways. The headline: Half of Parents Join Facebook to Creep on their Kids. (Good luck making any sense of the infographic. If it appears all jumbled up, try another browser. In Safari it is unreadable, but I could read it in Firefox. The comments about the infographic are informative, so check them out.) ...more
I'm a mom on Facebook and thank goodness, my daughter is still too young for it. While I'm using ... more

Meet 7 Power Moms in Tech & Entrepreneurship

Tech-savvy moms have a long history of meaningful innovation. They keep it real by admitting their lives aren’t always perfect, but they sure as hell try and have a great time doing it. Perhaps having a cookie-cutter life is overrated, after all. ...more
Some great names who achieved what most of us won't be able to, unfortunately, but we can dream, ... more