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How a Disney Princess Taught Me a Lesson About Letting Go

For a year we talked about it. We were going to meet the princesses at Disneyland just like last year. Maybe we would see Cinderella this time! Last year we met Ariel, Belle, and Princess Tiana. My little two-and-a-half-year-old Lola shyly walked up to Princess Tiana as she knelt down to greet her. Princess Tiana took Lola's little hands in hers and spoke softly to her. I made myself take a step back so I could observe. I didn't want to interfere. And Lola still remembers it. It was magical. ...more
What a sweet story! And I sympathize with you. For years I've tried to get my little family to ... more

NaBloPoMo June 2013 Badges

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NaBloPoMo June 2013 Badges

The official badge for June. ...more
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NaBloPoMo June 2013 Badges

The official badge for June. ...more
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NaBloPoMo June 2013 Badges

The official badge for June. ...more
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A Stranger Picked Up My Child and Walked Away

And then it happened. A total stranger picked up my child. She didn't ask. In fact, she TOOK him from me. I'm standing there holding Asher's hand as he danced next to me, while with my other hand I was recording Angela and Axel dancing. I was HOLDING his hand. I thought Dean had picked him up, only turned to find a total stranger had not only picked up my child, but was walking away with him....more
I would never, never, NEVER even touch a stranger's child except to remove them from bodily ... more

An Open Letter to My Wife for Mother's Day

Dear Wife, In our house, there are two parents. Both of us are mothers. Both of us are hard on ourselves. Both of us feel the unique pressures of motherhood. Both of us are plagued with the guilt. And because of it, because of seeing you, I'm learning to let it all go. Having another mother right in front of me every morning, next to me each night, makes me see that motherhood is hard....more
What a beautiful tribute to shared motherhood, and marriage.  I kinda got something in my eye ... more

I'm Sick of Apologizing for My C-section

Did you know that April is Cesarean Awareness month? I didn’t. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. A little over two years ago I had a scheduled C-section. When I found out that my primary method of delivering Els was by C-section I was upset. I cried and felt like a failure. My body in my eyes was failing me and a C-section was the worst thing possible. I was naive and stupid for thinking that way. Now over two years later I blame the media and birth propaganda for making me feel like a failure and taking away some of the excitement of Els’ birth. ...more
Right on!  It's just another case of people feeling they've a right to an opinion about a ... more

Flying While Something Other Than Whatever Bigots Think is Acceptable

Recently I got into a Twitter conversation with a friend who lives on the West Coast of the United States and is planning a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend.From couches they could crash along the way, the talk soon turned to race and safety.My friend is Black. And while most major U.S. cities have their minority-friendly zones, the vast spaces between those major cities can sometimes be questionably comfortable for non-white people....more
Every time I read that story, I shrivel up inside.  I hate that he's from Idaho.  I wish we ... more