In Defense of (gulp) Kim Kardashian

Early last week, it was announced that this summer, Kim Kardashian would be joining the cast of the Lifetime Television show Drop Dead Diva for a multi-episode arc.  Almost immediately after the press release hit the internet, a new barrage of Kardashian bashing began.  ...more
@BlogHer It only took four comments to get to weight bashing on the Kardashian post. WTF?more

The Tortoise and the Hair: One Mother's Attempt to Loosen The Reigns

As I drove toward the salon I started to panic.  What had I agreed to?  Why had I suddenly had a change of heart?  What message did this send?  For the love of g-d, what was I thinking?I had just dropped my daughter off at the hair salon to get low-lights in her hair.  My almost 15 year old daughter.  Getting her hair dyed.  I felt like I had let down the sisterhood of mothers, the whole history of feminism, and quite frankly even Gloria Steinem herself (although I'm pretty sure she too dyes her hair)....more
I think it is good you are letting her to experiment with her beauty and giving her the ...more

Lost and Found It

If there is one thing that drives me crazy about being a mother it is picking up after everyone.  And I mean everyone.  My husband. The kids. The dog. And oh yes, me.  But as I'm sure you'll agree, kids are the most frequent offender.  Not a day goes by that I'm not picking up school papers, lunch boxes, sweatshirts, purses, shoes and in our house, socks (you know who you are!) that have been left throughout the house.  ...more