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   Some of you may be interested in whose failures you’ll be reading about. Some of you may not give a rat’s ass and are just looking to bask in the glory of someone else’s misery, and that’s okay too. I am Mad Mom, and though some may call me two sandwiches short of a picnic, my mom always preferred Jennifer while I was growing up. I live with my amazingly patient husband, Dan, our toddler monkey, Danny, and two bad ass pugs, Karma and Frankie. And a fair warning to the sensitive at heart – we’re expecting baby monkey number two in early February and I have been a little hormonal lately, steamrolling over anyone who even so much as farts in my grocery store isle. So please, if you find yourself with uncontrollable gas in the same isle as a pregnant woman, do yourself a favor and walk to the nearest exit to let that bad boy rip.

Enough about me – I'll continue to fill you in with all the foul and offensive details as we continue our love affair. I hope you will enjoy reading about our disasters and adventures just as much as I enjoy living them.

And a word of caution to my readers: I am a professional jackass. Do not try these stunts at home. But if you do, please remember safety first! Wear your helmet, use the buddy system whenever possible and most importantly, pictures or it didn’t happen.

Edit: The sentence above was supposed to read: I am a professional, jackass. Just to clarify. Punctuation, people, punctuation. I really need to find a new editor.