Molly Skyar

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I Am Letting My Husband and Children Teach Me How To Relax

I think my goal in life is to not fall apart …It is a weird goal, I think.  Some people want to be astronauts.  Some people want to be ballerina dancers....more
As mothers, whilst our priority is caring for the needs of our children, it is good to be ...more

A Better Way to Say Sorry: Teach Your Children a Thorough Apology

“Say sorry to your brother.” “But he’s the one who–” “Say it!” you insist, an edge of warning in your voice. He huffs, rolls his eyes to the side, and says flatly, “Sorry.” “Say it like you mean it,” you demand. “Sorrrrry,” he repeats, dragging out the word slowly with bulging eyes and dripping insincerity. You sigh in defeat and turn to #2, “Now tell him you forgive him.” “But he doesn’t even mean it!” “Just say it!” “iforgiveyou…” he mutters, looking down to the side dejectedly. ...more
pamelafox And companies for that matter.more

Hunker Down and Other Potty Training Success Tips and Tricks

Well, it's official. My sweet littlest, my Charlie bear, is potty trained! Other than some pull-ups at naps and bedtime, we are a totally diaper-free house. And I'll be honest, man that feels good. ...more
SO funny I should see this in my inbox today! I just published a fun children's potty training ...more

My Husband Isn't the Type of Father I Thought He Would Be

I woke up to the sound of someone calling my name. "Brittany, wake up. Wake up, the baby is crying." I blink my eyes, and glance at the clock. It is 2:00am. My husband stands over me and nudging my arm. The words suddenly resonate, as I hear the cries of our toddler in her room down the hall. I drag my body from bed and go to take care of her. Just Like I always do. Just like I have always done. ...more
It can be hard for a father to find and grow his fathering muscle. And it can seem like ...more

Stop Inviting My Kid to Church: Religion Is Not for Children

Recently, a few of Miss N's friends have been sincerely inviting her to church. This part will be touchy for people who do not believe the same as we do and I respect that; I'll raise my kids and you can raise yours. I do not think religion is for children. I think that they should be exposed to the beliefs of all people, and while I will tell my children "this is what Mommy and Daddy believe," I do not expect her to believe the same thing. I'll ask Miss N what she thinks -- and she has some really amazing thoughts on the matter -- but I will not tell her she is wrong if she disagrees with me about the big beliefs....more
Can I print this up as a flyer and give it to people who want to have the same conversation with ...more

When You Don't Have a Village

“It takes a village to raise a child.” But what do you do if you don’t have a village? When I had our first baby, we had just moved to a new city, hundreds of miles from family or friends. It was miserable. Eight years later, we are doing OK. We have friends, the kids love their school, and my husband and I both have jobs we like. However, we still don’t really have a village and it’s hard....more
Hi, Sarah, My son is long grown now but I remember the days when it was just the two of us ...more