Why "The Giving Tree" is One Messed Up Book

Now, if you are one of the 5 people who has heard me rant about this in lecture feel free to turn away now. Otherwise, listen up. ...more
I wouldn't call this article feminist.  I would call it anti-male, though.   The Giving Tree is ...more

Marketing FAIL

I, like nearly every blogger who has been around for awhile, get a great many PR pitches in my inbox.99.999% of them go straight into my trash I am not interested in promoting anything for a company, nor do I care to tweet or otherwise pimp their product. One I got on Friday caught my eye. And not in a good Way. It was "Moms Against Cooties" - which is just a terrible name. It was this sentence that set my chaps on fire, however:...more

The only Rabbit you should buy for Easter is an Edible Chocolate One

We are a family who has House Rabbits.  I'll give you a moment to compose yourself as you laugh and wipe away tears.  Yes. House Rabbits. Free Roam, litter trained, spayed and neutered House Rabbits. Kind of like Cats, with longer ears and the whole vegetarian vibe going for them....more

Racists in the Crib

Babies are hard wired to notice difference. Millennia ago, Difference Mattered.  A Lot. Difference could mean "Hey, you aren't part of my tribe and therefore, you are dangerous and possibly fatal to me, if nothing else you are competing for the food/shelter/reproductive rights that I am trying to preserve!" ...more
The problem with your post is you assume that only whites are capable of racism. If you are ...more

What to look for in a Preschool and Kindergarten Program: A Professional Viewpoint

This week, two different people asked Me for opinions about Kindergarten. And by Me, I mean Actual Living Me, the person they know in real life. Because Real Life Me is occasionally distracted or at a loss for words, I sometimes don't answer a question as fully as I would like. Given a few hours, my brain starts to overheat and think of all the things I wanted to Say, but forgot, or got sidetracked or overheated in my opinions about something else....more

Facial Hair wasn't covered in the "What the Expect" books

My mother had a chick mustache.Since I was born in 1970 and she went through a phase of "Hey, all body hair is natural and cool" which lasted until about 1982, I didn't really notice it too much. Actually, that is a lie. I noticed. And was freaked out.Imagine my distress when I was entering my own puberty and started to noticed the darkening of the hair on my jawline....and then upper lip. It was bad enough that I wasn't a size 2 and now I was the new incarnation of teen wolf?...more

Other Mothers Bug Me

OK. I already know that I am going to get grief about this, but here goes:I don't like most other women who are mothers....more

I am an Expert: Don't Listen to Me!

The time has come when I must share some of my own personal top parenting "Don''t"s. Because I am a parenting expert. And a Child development expert. And an almost professor of Early Childhood. ...more

Love, love, love this! I went through so many things similar to these and yes you will find your ...more

Grief: Life After

Generally, an illness or injury is what forces me back into my body. Like any structure left unattended, my body starts to break down. My blood sugar rises. I gain weight. My pap smears come back wonky. I get shingles or start to consume bottles of liquid ibuprofen at a truly alarming rate...You know, the sirens to pull over and get my collective self together. ...more

I'd not been entirely conscious that what I was feeling WAS grief until it rolled through my ...more

-25 points for religious knowledge, +150 points for literature knowledge

I wrote this over two years ago, but it is still shockingly the same.  Last week, during a fit of anger, Emily started cursing the object of her ire....using Greek Gods. Between this power, and her training in how to survive the zombie Apocalypse, it becomes clear that I am grooming my replacement....more