Ooops....I lost my focus.  I'm pretty sure I have only misplaced it though.I've been doing other stuff.  All of it equally important and emotionally gratifying, but I've veered away from my hyperintensive job search.  I try to rationalize it as "networking."  But I'm not sure how long my savings will allow that rationalization.  I hear that my mortgage company doesn't accept that as payment! ...more

Week 3!

Start of week three of working on and for myself.  Debbie Inc! ...more

Debbie Inc.

Well, here I am again....still unemployed, still hopeful, still gathering momentum.I've gotten my resume out to several places - job search sites, some places that are hiring and I have researched a few other places to which I can send targeted resumes tomorrow.  I've hit a few roadblocks that have dampened my spirit a little, but I have to remain positive and focused.  I know that these are simply roadblocks and that I am strong and determined and I will be able to sucessfully navigate the detour.  ...more

The Start of Something Big!

 It's been about 72 hours since I made the ballsiest move of my life.  72 hours ago, the proverbial straw floated ever so gently down onto the camel's back and CRAAAAAACCCKKKKKKKK.  That sucker was broken.  I left my rather secure job of 17 years with a better than adequate salary, great benefits and 4 weeks of paid vacation....suddenly.  Quietly.  But with purpose and focus. ...more