Zabaglione Cream

Sometimes you just stumble upon something so wonderful, you want to experience it every day.That’s exactly how I felt the first time I met Zabaglione. We just fit together perfectly. It’s rich and creamy texture paired with my love for foods and Marsala wine. A match made in heaven....more

Dozen Bread

Dozen BreadMARCH 6, 2013 LEAVE A COMMENT (EDIT)...more

Hazelnut Apple Pie Bites

I think I have just made the best raw vegan dessert ever.I mean EVER.I seriously am having a hard time not going into the kitchen and eating more before finishing this blog.Yup…it’s that good....more

Italian Deli Roll-up with Homemade Garlic Pickles

I am not a fan of processed foods (Obviously! If you missed this, check out my bio). I feel the best possible flavor and health benefits come from cooking with whole foods. There are times though, when the only way to make a specific recipe is to use something that has been processed. When that happens, instead of completely avoiding the dish, I choose to make better choices in what processed food I would like to use. I don’t think people should have to avoid something completely....more

Chilly Chili

I am so excited! Today is the first fall day in Florida where we have had really cool weather (in the 40's!). I know, that is probably mild to some of you, but when 40 degree weather rolls around here, we all pull out our winter jackets. This is, sadly, usually a combo of a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie layered together lol....more

Grown-up Chicken Fingers with honey Dijon Sauce

Did you know that October is National Spinach month? neither. Thank goodness for Twitter :PWhat's the perfect way to honor the month of green leafy goodness?...more

White Cheddar Popcorn - Hold the Cheddar!

Once upon a time I couldn't eat popcorn. I know, for all you popcorn lovers out there...very sad. I really liked popcorn and decided to get a huge bucket to go along with my movie at the theater one night. About an hour or so after the movie, I wasn't feeling so good. Long story ended up being a looooong night and the following day recovering from food poisoning. You see, movie theaters will reheat their butter, over and over and over and over and over again....more