Single Does Not = "Broken"

In light of the recent developments in marriage equality, I’d like to address the concerns of single people....more
Well said. Recently, as I've been navigating the dating world after somewhat of a hiatus, I'm ... more

"The Chaperone" Chapters 17-21: So Much Good to Come

I think that the final chapters of Laura Moriarty's The Chaperone might be my favorite. It's the point where we see Cora decide to be the person we've caught glimpses of throughout the earlier chapters. We get to see Cora chuck propriety to the side and grab at happiness with both hands. Alas, if only the same could be said for Louise. ...more
In some ways, getting to see a satisfying resolution for the characters, getting some sense of ... more

"The Chaperone" Chapters 9-16: The Window of the Future

Well, chapters 8-16 of Laura Moriarty's The Chaperone were certainly full of surprises! We've reached a point where there's no doubt the book is about Cora, and yet I find the scenes of Cora and Louise together the most illuminating. When we get glimpses of Cora in the future, it becomes clear that Louise had a tremendous impact on Cora's life....more
The big reveal about Alan's secret made me appreciate how much I take for granted about the ... more

"The Chaperone" Chapters 1-8: Ignorance and Confusions

Laura Moriarty slowly eases us into Cora's life in The Chaperone. When we first meet her, it's a little bit easy to assume that Cora that is a typical 1920s housewife but there are little things at the edges giving hints that everything is not quite as it seems. I think the most telling bit of text in this section of the book is from when Cora's grandniece is having a conversation with her about the Ku Klux Klan....more
I've only read the first eight chapters, so far, so that's where I'm drawing my sense of Louise ... more

I need answers!

Answer me this, because it really is a rather important question for all mankind - and truly trumps all the other crap happening in the world right now:How is it that a person can turn into a Zombie (theoretically/cinematically) so quickly, with the rotting insides & outsides - but then just stop decaying? I mean, why don't they continue to rot into dust as quickly?If there were a zombie invasion, couldn't we humans just hold up somewhere safe and wait for all the undead to just turn to bones and dust?...more
I always assumed it was whatever magic/virus made 'em move while dead in the first place. Like ... more

Do You Trust the Right People?

Vanessa Williams didn't always trust the right people. She made this clear in You Have No Idea, the book that she and her mother, Helen Williams, wrote together. She mistrusted two photographers much to her detriment. Not many people would have bounced back successfully from being forced to step down as Miss America but Vanessa did. This is in part due to her also putting her trust in the right people. ...more
This immediately made me think about high school. I went to an all-girls school, where there was ... more

(EXCERPT) You Have No Idea

Dying to know what busy lady Vanessa Williams and her mom wrote about in their new book, BlogHer Book Club pick You Have No Idea? For one thing, nudity. Here's an excerpt to get you started! ...more
 @justinelorelle Yes, exactly on all counts. more

Do You Listen to Your Mother?

From the very first pages of You Have No Idea, you will learn that had Vanessa Williams listened to her mother, Helen, a lot of things might have been easier. Those photos would have never existed. She might not have dated or married the men that she did. Things might have been easier. Well ... maybe. We all know that life isn't as simple as all that. ...more
I grew up very close with both parents. I was closer to my mom before college, I think... she ... more

Do You Ask For Help?

One of the things that quickly becomes evident while reading Vanessa Williams' memoir You Have No Idea is that she has a great support system. One of her biggest supporters is her mother and co-author, Helen. It was interesting to read about the pair of them because they get along well, yet in many ways they are opposites. Vanessa knew she could ask for help when she needed it. Helen wasn't someone who really ever asked for help. I think I fall somewhere between them. ...more
I am getting better at asking for help... which is an asset now that I'm in grad school. I'm ... more

Diary of a Mad Fat Girl: Chiweenies, Friendship & One Amazing Self-Publishing Story

A good publishing story is a bit like a good fairy tale. It should have a quest, challenges, and above all, a happy ending. Stephanie McAfee, the author of our latest BlogHer Book Club selection, has all three. She also has the delightfully funny debut novel, Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. ...more
I saw a chiweenie on the way home tonight, and got all stupidly excited. I wish I'd taken a ... more