My Identity

Recently, some of my life experiences have caused to me reevaluate my identity. What is it that defines me? ...more

Awareness, from the Beginning

What do I remember about O's early years? Misery. Heartache. Guilt. I am so grateful for the photos I took during that time, because through them, I am able to see that he and I really did smile....more

To Walk or Not to Walk

This was my scene the first Friday in June. It was the last day of school for my girls and O and I were going to watch them both perform in the school's talent show. He and I had talked about our day, what we would be doing and in what order. I had also prepared a bag (my large pink one) with enough snacks, drinks and activities to last us through the two hours we would be outside at the school. In my mind, we were ready. ...more