Christmas 2012: Exchange Serving for Impressing

We want people to think that our cookies are delicious, our present-wrapping is creative, and our tree is decorated beautifully. ...more
I think this is a great way to approach the holidays!  I'm all about just being myself, and I ... more

Learning to Pray with Full Purpose of Heart

I have a confession to make:  I am not very good at praying.  While I grew up praying over meals, saying prayers in church, and saying prayers at bedtime, I just am not very consistent at meaningful prayers in my adult life. ...more
Thank you for this honest post.  I think just about any Christian feels the same way.  I know I ... more

Teaching My Teen to Drive Is Driving Me Crazy

I have quite a few years before the Teaching a Child to Drive Phase, but reading this recent post at Grown and Flown brought back vivid memories of learning to drive with my parents. One in particular makes me laugh and cringe and nearly pee my pants -- and remains the reason why I still can't drive a stick shift. I see that Mack truck barreling down at my dad's stalled out pick up truck even now! Have you taught a child to drive yet? What's your experience been like? ...more
My favorite part is how my 15 year old son gets mad at ME when I give him tips on driving!  That ... more