Celebrating Christmas Without Presents

This year, we are starting the tradition of forgoing traditional Christmas presents. As extreme as it may sound for some, we feel it is absolutely right for our family. For me, all of the excitement leading up to Christmas Day is what I love the most.First, we have Halloween, which, for us, ends up being more about buying pumpkins and dressing up than anything else. It’s a costume party to kick off the season: fun. ...more
The last Christmas that I was back home in Australia for was in 2009 and it was the first ... more

"Why Don't Kids Like Me, Mom?"

Monday, after school, in a fit of frustration, my son declared, "I am sick of Fremont and Clarmar. Why can't I be anyone's best friend?" I paused, knowing he can be sensitive, knowing that he had a bad day/week/month, knowing that maybe it will be better tomorrow. "What happened?" "Well, sometimes it feels like the kids are mean. They don't really want to play with me. They don't want me on their team."...more
He sounds like such a sweet little boy. You're very lucky. more