The Sensory Santa


The following story is a detailed account of my daughter Beth's history and challenges with imitation.  During the process of teaching my daughter patty-cake, I observed that imitation is easier for Beth when both of us are facing the same direction.  If you have any experience with this issue, I would appreciate hearing from you within a post I started on my Facebook page ( ...more

Applying Floortime to Technology: How My Child with Autism Learned to Use the iPad

In this post, I will share how our daughter Beth learned to work the iPad (i.e. learned to poke and drag, the key to using all apps).  I will narrate our process during videos of my daughter demonstrating the apps, and then generalize the lessons I learned at the end of this post. Since we are using Floortime (1) for play therapy, I took a play-based child-centered approach to helping Beth use the iPad. ...more

Blue Paint