E sexy

E-Sexy Autumn. A time for hot mugs of coffee, pumpkin anything, lattes, whipped cream and for that matter, anything whipped.. So goes my observations of women and men, sitting with laptops, headsets, checking, forever checking their phones for that magical call, the superlative text message, rising above all other text messages. The one that brings smiles to the lips and eyes that glisten when they read the messages typed furiously while entering taxis, between trains stops and at traffic lights. A text is mastery of both dexterity, spontaneous thought and irreverent ideology....more

women and their boyfriends

I work often with women in the their late twenties, early thirties, sometimes couples, right here in New York City. I am a therapist, a life coach, a confidant, a mother surrogate and sometimes, the person you will call when you need to find that anchor on a torrential sea or perhaps the voice of reason in the sea of the unreasonable. The morning text messages, ...more
Glad you could help her for a bitmore