The Art of Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Field

My name is Rachel. I am 25 and a female, and those two small facts come as a shock to the majority of my co-workers. My predecessor was a middle-aged male, the other people in my industry are mainly male and the majority of my co-workers are males. I manage employees, most of which are male, and I am managed by males. I can faintly hear my feminist sisters in the background cheering for me, and I usually wear these facts like a badge of honor on my chest. I am proud of this, but if we are being honest, it is no walk in the park....more
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If You're a Distracted Driver, You Can't Drive My Kid!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My 10-year-old daughter’s friend invited her and a few other girls to go away with her family for part of spring break. They are driving to the family’s weekend home that is a few hours away. My daughter really wants to go, and I think it sounds like a great trip, but I know that the mom has a habit of texting while she’s driving. I was in her car once and it made me very uncomfortable, although I did not say anything to her....more
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Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes 7: Share A Moment and Enter to Win a Kindle Fire!

This sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Please check out our new sweepstakes launching April 6. ...more
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Ford, Take Note: Your New Spokesperson Awaits, a 5 Year Old Girl Named Serena [Video]

This is just so cute - Serena is my kind of  automotive "girl-power" role model!Jody, Inc.
Serena age 5 posted another adorable Part 2 p Video to Mr. President of Ford Motor Company here: ... more

Girl Scouts Offer 'Locavore' Badges

Although I spent a decade as a Camp Fire Girl (we earned beads, not badges), I must applaud Girl Scouts of America for offering their 2.3 million troops the opportunity to earn a 'locavore' badge, stressing the importance of local food. The Girls Scouts, celebrating their 100-year-old birthday next year, launched the new badge on October 1. (They also added new badges for website design, financial literacy and entertainment technology.)...more
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The Arrival of Clean Diesel

Say goodbye to the image of Mack trucks belching a large black cloud of exhaust wherever they go. With the arrival of "clean" diesel at US pumps, and the development of power-boosting and exhaust-scrubbing technologies, diesel-powered passenger cars are cleaner than their gasoline counterparts on just about all emissions - and run at a higher fuel efficiency....more
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Why I'm Finding Happiness In Composting

My daughter wanted us to compost years ago, but I said no thanks.  My number one issue is our neighborhood has a slight rat problem (just a slight one but one that did result in our darling puppy dragging in a mummified rat carcass years ago), and our three dogs love rats and rotten funky smells (and a compost is nothing if not a rotten funky smell fest).  The dogs would be in heaven and I'd be scared to walk outside....more
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What Most Women Don’t Know about Cars: A Tip to Save You Expensive Repair

 Driving my 1997 Saturn all these years has cost me little in major repairs until now.  It was a pricey lesson to learn but without a degree in automotives, I am now better equipped to handle car maintenance.  Most car dealers and auto mechanics won’t bother to tell you the following tip I want to share with you....more
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Go Granny: Hottie Cloris Leachman on Why Us Geeks Need Reliable Technology More Than Tight Leather

There's a new leather-clad hottie in town with her own Super Bowl commercial, and her name is Cloris Leachman. And her commercial co-star ... is me. Prepare to wet your pants....more


I love this hilarous..( PS I am a Granny that rides a Harley)LOL.

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Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight -- But I Celebrate Solstice Looking at the Sun

Tonight many people will observe a rare event: the first total lunar eclipse to take place on a full moon at the Winter Solstice since 1638. But we celebrate the Solstice every year -- and we do it by greeting the Sun....more

It was raining and cloudy in so cal so I watched the lunar eclipse on steaming live video last ... more