VINTAGE CUP & SAUCER BIRD FEEDERSWhat a lovely way to welcome our fine feathered friends into our yards and gardens and have a spot of tea with them....more

Vintage Dress Form

Remember going to the Department Store and seeing all the new fashions on display in the windows? Remember seeing all the headless bodies to display all those fashions? Ever wonder what they were made of and took a peek under the clothes, only to get run out of the store?? Well, I didn't actually DO that, but I have always wondered how the bodies were made and where they came from. They looked so life-like (except for the missing head) that I thought they must have "next-of-kin" started my quest to find "Little Miss Man-a-kin"....more


So how has everyone been??? I'm sorry I've been neglecting my blog. I've been so busy with some new things to try. Like this new chair! Please, please leave a comment and let me know what you think....or if you can help me learn how to post some pictures on here so I can show you more of what I've been doing and the things I'm planning to do. Thanks!...more

Another Day...Another Purse

50 PURSES IN 50 DAYS! I feel like my creativity is slipping...or getting used up anyway.I just made 10 more purses today and another Christmas Pillow for the Craft Fair. Whew! I can see the top of my sewing table finally!...more

The Christmas Pillow

I Love the Graphics Fairy! She's got some of the most wonderful graphics! And so well organized and catagorized it makes searching fun!So while I was on her site, I found the cutest little couple of angels. They're on a blue background in the snow. I just had to make a pillow with these two for my upcoming Craft Fair....more

Stuffing Pillows

On a recent trip to Goodwill, I found the cutest red cotton sheet with Mickey Mouses in black & white all over it in different poses... some sitting, some sleeping, some day dreaming and some of them looked like they're really angry. Did Mickey get angry? Anyway, it was in really good shape with no holes or stains. I knew it would make great pillows! I was able to find a co-ordinating fabric for the backs so I proceeded to cut this sheet into 40 squares. All of them about 14 X 14 inches....more

Bunk Bed Benches

So I saw somewhere on someones blog, (I will find out who so I can give them credit here...check out "My Re-Purposed Life" and "4 The Love Of Wood") a way to re-create, re-use and re-furbish old bed frames into new exciting uses. One of which is the Bunk Bed Bench. So named because you use the bunk bed head or foot board to make the back of the bench....more

Reindeer Food

So today we made our first batch of Reindeer Food.This is a bag of "food" that little ones spread on the lawn, front porch, or put into a bowl beside their stockings on Christmas Eve, to help sustain Santa's reindeer on their long voyage that night. After all, Santa gets all the cookies right? We often left a carrot or two for the reindeer, but this is much better. And besides, the glitter reflects the light and makes it much easier to find the right house....more
Here's the little poem to attach to the bags of "food"...   "Santa's Reindeer work hard all ...more