Facing Jury Duty

American citizens occasionally get 'the call' of duty - jury duty, specifically. Funny, we all want democracy to work but when our time comes, we usually try to wiggle out of it. Here are some tongue-in-cheek survival tips for any American facing a courthouse peer-gathering:...more
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Thanksgiving Couch Potatoes Unite!

The bar graph came up and whoa! Most people were planning on watching series TV shows and being couch potatoes. Oh well. Tut. Tut. I thought. Couch potatoes! Cheeze. Can you imagine! Ha-Ha. Watching series TV. But then, that got me thinking. I remembered that Portlandia clip on YouTube showing Carrie and Fred Watching Battle Star Galactica, for DAYS. ...more
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The Struggle to Teach Kids It's About More than Gifts

If you're struggling to teach your kids that the upcoming holiday season is about more than getting gifts, you're not alone. Scooper at a la mode writes about her internal struggle and how she wants to get this one right. Do you have anything to add to this important conversation? ...more
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