$500,000 Home or 3 Kids?

America, you have so, so many things right. Capitalism. Freedom of speech. The American Dream.Mexican food. Starbucks. Target. <<sigh>> And yet you have so, so many things wrong.The thing that my brain is picking away at tonight is daycare....more
@commonsenseguy To give an opposite situation: My mother is an early childhood educator. She has ...more

2012 Bloggyhood Awards

Show your favorite mommy blogger some love! Nominate her for the 2012 Bloggyhood Awards! The mommy blogger with the most nominations gets a $10 Target Gift Card (among other things), and the runner-up gets a $5 Target Gift Card.Nominate here: http://tacklingmommyhood.com/2012bloggyhoodawards/...more

Life With 3 Under 5

When you have 2 kids under 5, life still looks somewhat “normal”. The house still looks somewhat tidy, the laundry still manages to get somewhat done. But 3 kids? You might as well start waving your white flag now.When you have 3 small children, there are some things that you just have to come to terms with:...more