Finding Silence in the Noise

It has been the end of a very busy week.  I celebrated not only my hudbands birthday, but mine as well.  Then we had to do a joint celebration with my family.  I also start a new job on Monday which I am sorta dreading,  I have been at home for a few years now and have enjoyed spending the time haning out with my children as they grow.  This will be a hard transition.  Instead of my husband understanding how this can make me feel all he sees in the join in not having to be the onlye bread winner. ...more

Retirement: Keeping Firefighters Connected

The economy has effected different departments in different ways.  Some departments have experienced layoffs.Ours is fortunate that this has not happened.  Yet, they did offer a pretty sweet early retirement deal and several people have decided to take advantage of that....more

Autsim Speaks Participation: Please Donate

  Please join me in my fight to make a difference in the lives of the more than 1 million Americans living with autism today. Read More...     Shari ...more

Firefighters and Motorcycles

One of my favorite things to do this year on my husbands TOD days are to go on long motorcycle rides up to Lake Geneva, WI with him. Lots of guys at his department ride bikes. This made me start thinking about Firefighters and Motorcycles. A simple Google search turned up a handful of great resources. READ MORE HERE Shari

I don't care if he runs into a burning building. That's fine. I hate watching ...more

Sex, Intimacy, and the Brotherhood

From one FF Wife to another.....Have lots of sex and have it often because it could be the last time, learn to listen and when to talk, let your man have his guy freedom because it will make for a better relationship and understand that the brotherhood should be seen as a gift rather then a burden......more