Welcome to a Month of Photo Tips on BlogHer!

I am the world's worst photographer. I'm not being self-deprecating. I really am. And I'm over it. Being utterly unable to record my memories at this year's BlogHer hobbled me -- personally and professionally. Also: Humiliating. THIS is my absolute best BlogHer '11 pic. Yeah, I can't tell that's Ricki Lake either. ...more
I need this--I have to admit, I love looking at pictures and creating words. I am NO ... more

Withholding Sugary Snacks Won't Lead to Eating Issues

They are like any other child without sugar impulse control. So when a huge sugar laden cupcake is set in front of them, they are most likely going to give into temptation if provided the opportunity. Sometimes they are left to their own devices as they devour a treat like that.  Other times, I limit their little hands’ reach. It is in those publicly limiting situations where the eyes (and sometimes comments) of judgment are laid upon me leaving others believing they possess a general feel for my parenting style that, "could lead to eating issues down the road, you know." ...more
After posting this article to my MissFIT Blog and on Face Book, it proved to clearly be a hot ... more