5 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook

One of my favourite things about Facebook is how adaptable it is to a message. It works just as effectively to enhance an audience for a retailer as it does an individual. Many charities successfully leverage social media to widen their reach and some of the most prolific viral campaigns began life as charity posts. Remember this time last year when #nomakeupselfie was doing the rounds? It was the hot buzz phrase at The Digital Edge last April....more

Slave To The Boob Machine

There it was. The question that every woman who has a baby will hear at some point.“Are you breastfeeding?”...more

A Letter To My Unborn Son

Dear Son,...more

Life Lessons I Learned from Grieving

This time last year, I became what felt like a very lost little girl. At the age of 27 I should have been anything but. I found myself numbly feeling my way through the minutes, hours, days. On the 17th of December 2012, my Dad passed away. While he had been in hospital for a few months, it was completely unexpected as he'd been given a clean bill of health and was due home the very next day. Just two hours before he had a stroke that claimed his life, we spoke on the phone of our excitement over Christmas....more

I'm Starting To Understand Feminism

I've never really considered myself an active feminist, though I've always been a huge advocator of equality. Of course I am sympathetic to the plight of women that have fallen foul of sexism at work and in social situations. I've balked in horror when people have dared to blame rape victims for their own 'misfortune'. There is one area though that will always bring out the raging feminist that is clearly dormant inside me and by god, she has some teeth....more

Emetophobia: An Overwhelming Fear of Nausea and Norovirus, Explained

When it comes to my favourite seasons of the year, I seem to have developed a Jekyll/Hyde type complex. On the one hand, I loathe summer because I can't stand the feeling of too much heat, humidity makes me want to hibernite in the freezer and the thought of having people see my pasty and bloated body in a bikini is the stuff that nightmares are made on. On the other hand however, there aren't horror stories about norovirus in the summer. ...more
This is probably one of the worst phobias to have when you are the parent of small children.  I ...more

Mommy Bloggers Are Making My Biological Clock Tick

Most of the blogs I follow are by women and these women all have children. Whether self proclaimed or not, they are a part of the "Mommy Blog" generation, which I love. I love reading about other women's experiences as they navigate life as a 21st century woman -- maintaining some kind of identity or femininity while still striving to be a good parent. It's nice to know that you're not alone as you chisel crayon off the kitchen wall for the umpteenth time, snapping your nails in the process. There's just one problem. I don't have a child....more
Only just seen that this was shared on here, thank you so much for the comments - love reading ...more

Questions of Faith

Do you believe in God?...more
Hello there, MrsFox! I am so glad you are posting on BlogHer. What a lovely sharing of self ...more