Always a woman

“Love me like you loved me when you loved me and you didn’t have to try.”   Luke Bryan I lost a friend this week and it really sucks.  Being new in a community and being a single mom, I don’t come by friends easily.  I don’t have time to get out and make friends.  I’m always at work or with my son.  I met this man online and immediately liked him.  He made me grin, think and relax, and I know that I did the same for him....more
You are right.. you were selling yourself short!!  Some of us luv ya, just cuz you are you.. ... more

Evidence of things not seen

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Organic Chemistry.  When I was first exposed to it, it baffled me.  The professor was retiring that semester and had a low tolerance for questions, the book assumed an understanding of nomenclature that was completely foreign to me and I spent a great deal of time interpreting what was said and not fully understanding anything.  I scraped by with a ‘D’ which was nowhere near good enough for a science major....more
I was told I was “one text message away from sounding like “a famous and radical scam artist who ... more

Those three things

 I visited a friend in the hospital today.  He seemed to be doing well and he was, understandably, introspective.   He has been facing a very serious illness and you could tell that his thoughts had wandered to the "what if" region that most of us spend enormous amounts of energy actively preventing our minds from examining. ...more
Isn't it amazing what God does to knock over our barriers and our challenge our faith, and ... more

Who sits at your conference table?

 I remember reading a book several years ago wherein the author described a conference table in his mind.  He stated that he had this conference table in his mind and those who sat at it were constantly judging and critiquing how he lived his life.  In his mind, these people sat around a conference table judging him..."Oh Johnny got an A on his report card!  Great!  But why isn't Johnny playing football?"   ...more
Should I be offended my bed isn't in your conference room?!?! LOL  You are totally Stuck with me ... more

The Benefits & Challenges of Unplugging

There is a new rule at our house. I am the only one affected by this rule, which is okay as I am also the author and enforcer of it. It's simple. If I am with Troy, my phone is turned off. Doesn't sound like a big deal right? Makes perfect sense and shouldn't be difficult... but it's astonishing how often I reach for my phone throughout the day. It's become my hard drive and my mental crutch. (Who was the actor in that movie? Google. Where is this restaurant? Google. What did Obama actually say about bayonets? Google.)...more
Coolness - I have started just logging out of Facebook on a regular basis... that way I can ... more