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I am  JennRene. I'm originally from Rochester, NY and I currently reside in... read more

JennRene Owens


I am  JennRene. I'm originally from Rochester, NY and I currently reside in Tulsa Oklahoma.

I absolutely LOVE the warmth of community and family. I have had awesome opportunities to consult in the area of family development and preservation on several occasions as a professional in other countries and with domestic violence coalitions, youth centers and churches. In addition, I have held and participated in several community leadership forums and family conferences in Syracuse, New York and  Texas.  In in 2003, I  traveled to  South Africa and spoke at the town hall in Kuma South Africa, visited shantytowns and spoke to youth in churches and schools  and developed a community agenda for leaders in Kuma.  I  have held community leadership groups and seminars in Klerksdorp South Africa; developed  a manual for a family resiliency program for churches and conducted youth dialogue sessions for youth in-school in Sharpeville and Kuma, South Africa.

As an entrepreneur, I am  a  co-trainer of The Owens Group Training and Development and my husband, Timothy Owens  and I own and manage a training and development business in which we teach on various leadership topics and help lead  marriage roundtable sessions.  In 2003, I  won the  Syracuse, N.Y. – YWCA Leadership Award in Central New York.  My husband and   I have also been diversity trainers and members of the National Coalition Building Institute for several years. Currently, I  work with  Women in Recovery as a therapist with Family and Children’s Services in Tulsa, OK.    One thing I have to say is I LOVE Howard University, in Washington, D.C. – my alma mater. How has inspired me to help children and families all the more an pursue my passions in life. I  believe in standing up for those who have lost their voices, spiritually and are emotionally bankrupt.