How I Tell My Story

My voice. Everyone is busy searching for their voice right now, pouring over their words, choosing the ones that said something this year and hoping that they spoke to the heart of their audience. I did it too; I took a journey through my words and realized that my voice was missing. ...more
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What the Boy Who Lived is Teaching My Sons About the Boy Who Didn't

I worried at first.I wondered what their little minds would take in, I wondered if they were too young, if there would be too many questions I wasn’t ready to answer, I thought about just saying no.Then I considered what other parents would say, what they would think about my decision. At an age where their peers know all about Dora and Blue and Spongebob, they knew about Ebenezer, Willy Wonka and Harry Potter....more
Harry Potter really IS about love being the most powerful force and I love that your boys ...more

I Don't Want Your Freedom

Kir writes for shoes & cupcakes at “Mommy, I do it. “ “Sweetheart, it’s too heavy, let mommy lift it.” “No, Mommy. I. Do. It” The milk bounces against small muscular legs but is eventually hoisted onto the table. *********************************************************** “Come on, we need to get in the house”. “Mommy, I put the code in?” “Sweetheart, we’re running late, let mommy poke the numbers”. “No, Mommy. I. do....more

Before Klout Scores and Stats: The Blogging Beginning

I was burning with things to say. I was sad. I was broken. Shattered and disappointed. I felt so alone. I could not have a child. So I sat at this computer and I typed. ...more
As a relatively new blogger, thank you for reminding me of the passion and what is so great ...more

A Walk: To Remember

Kir writes for shoes & cupcakes at Red, orange and gold drift down from the trees; their flutter to earth resembles a dance amidst the chill that has settled. The smell of smoke from a fireplace I cannot see fills my nostrils as I stroll through a dusky pink evening....more
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The Vacation Decision

Kir writes for shoes & cupcakes at The air was hot, not comfortable or even mildly warm. Hot. Oppressive and capable of stealing your thoughts.  You should not think in a place like this. You could fantasize or daydream, but not make meaningful decisions. But the thing was,this was OUR place. We had chosen it over and over again for it's ability to heal us....more

The Paradox: What Moms Share

The Paradox We are called by different names; Mom, Mummy, Mum, Nana, Mamie,Madre, Matka, Mamita, Mother, Ma There are so many types of us lately Products of how we were raised Books we read Whispers in our ears about “how” “when” “why” Blogs we follow Online friends we trust to give us answers we cannot see clearly Family that has opinions, thoughts, traditions, expectations Our own gut instincts, the place where we feel it’s ‘right’ There are those that got pregnant easily, the simp...more
@amountainmomma Oh I have to shave my legs, everyday. :) thank you so much for reading and ...more