Lists are Amazing

In my everlasting quest to find the magic recipe that will create that life of complete wellness and balance I’ve come across many different strategies and approaches. Many. Let’s just say there’s a little something for everyone, and I’m totally cool with that.I’ve tried some of the crazy stuff {Master Cleanse} and the blander, “dipping your toe in the water” type of approaches. My strategy seems to be something in the middle – slightly off center, but certainly doable considering my slightly off center but mostly mainstream life....more

Mood Moves

Lately my stress levels have been out of control. I’m pretty much miserable these days. Between {what seems like} living out of bags and sharing a small house with five other people, life is really hectic. While the end of our construction is in sight, we’re not quite to the finish line yet and I’m beyond ready to have my own home again!...more