4 Reasons Why Comics Are Good For Kids

Since the invention of comics nearly a century ago people have been split in groups about their value and place in literature. In the beginning, parents were completely against comics because they thought comics did not offer as much value and class to its readers as other mediums of reading do. Things changed later as comics were popularized and many movies based on them were made. The image of comics has improved a great deal in the past but there is still a huge population of parents and teachers that does not believe in letting kids read comics. ...more
I've watched both of my sons become readers thanks to comics.  Every night, their teachers ... more

A Word for Christians Who Want to Make America Great Again

Last week at the Republican National Convention, we heard the word "great" more times than I could count. We heard pastors, religious leaders and Christians repeat the Trump slogan, “We will make America great again”, and wildly applaud as he gave his acceptance speech, all themed around how bad things are now but how great they will be with him in charge.  However, what is the GOP definition of "great"?...more
What a beautiful and focused definition of great.  It's amazing how easy decisions can be when ... more

My Husband Told Me He's Gay... But That Didn't End Our Marriage

There was an argument.  Which was odd -- we didn't really have arguments.  Bickering?  Yes......but no arguing.It was a bad argument.  That made no sense to me.  His sudden vile anger.  He had been hateful for a few months -- when my dad was ill with cancer and after his passing.  Just mean really.  It was shocking.And then?"I'm gay".And my response?  "Well, that's fucking GREAT!"I packed up the kids and left for the night....more
That kind of behavior would kill any marriage.  My gay friends would be furious that he blamed ... more

What It's Like To Lose A Job After 32 Years

It was a little over three weeks ago when 62 of my fellow employees gathered and were told that starting immediately our facility was going to cease operations. NOTHING prepares you for this. 52 of us left that day in total shock and although we will get paid until the end of July and will receive a  generous severance, the emotional toll of getting news like that is overwhelming. I worked for my company for 32 years, worked my way up from the bottom until I became a manager, which was my position for the last two years....more
*HUGS*  I'm so sorry you have to go through this.  Unfortunately, you're not alone.  Way too ... more

When Your Family Member Deletes You From Facebook

If I'm being completely honest, I never enjoyed viewing my step-mother's life on parade bogging down my Facebook feeds. She was a postaholic, sharing photos of my 10-year-old half brother's tennis lessons, playdates, and their twice yearly vacations. She was younger than my father by 30 years and a generation ahead in social media. Last March, my dad and his new family went on a cruise. I noticed a lack of the standard #BestVacationEver photos in my feed. I blamed the bad WiFi on the cruise. ...more
Why would his boss know so much about her Facebook activity?  That's what smells strange about ... more

60 Simple Ways to Grow Your Blog in Under an Hour

If I've learned one thing about blogging, it's this: Blogging is a long term game. It's thousands of tiny actions that, when put together, make a huge difference. It's not just about writing blog posts and hoping that people will like them. It's about learning from your readers, building relationships with other bloggers, sharing your stuff, and on and on. ...more
I am bookmarking this post.  Love the tips! more

Dear Me: Remember That You Are a New Blogger

Dear Daniela, I am so excited for you. You just started a new blog, and it's freaking amazing that you're putting your words out there into the world. I know it's hard sometimes. Sometimes you feel like you aren't reaching anyone. There are people in your life who wonder why you're creating this online world. They ask if you're helping anyone. They ask if what you're doing really matters. I am telling you it does. It does matter. So keep going. ...more
Excellent post!  Part of me wants to start another blog, but then I get wrapped up in those ... more

Why You Won't Have a Natural Birth

I rarely rant. I almost never rave. If I seem taller than usual, it's more likely from my new sparkly summer wedges than from standing on a soapbox. But ... well ... I want to say something that's going to make some of you furious and others of you feel justified: Natural childbirth is not possible in an unnatural world. And we do live in an unnatural world -- X-Men, Photoshop, reality tv, fast food, Donald Trump's hair -- and we believe what we see. (Except maybe for the hair.) ...more
Your reading advice is terrific for all pregnant women, not just those considering natural ... more

Why You Need a Media Kit and How to Make One

You've set up your blog, picked out colors, written the About Me section, and you have started writing your blog in hopes of taking your writing from a simple hobby to something more. But bloggers often overlook one of the most important pages you will write, your media kit. This basic page is the first thing you will want to show off, send out to sponsors, and include in your professional emails. It is your resume and the first thing sponsors look for when they are trying to discover your brand. ...more
Great information!  While I'm in the early stages of getting my blog in order, these are great ... more

WTF Is Going On In Plus-Size Fashion?

Plus-size isn’t just about a “sense of belonging”: It’s also about knowing where you can buy some fucking clothes....more
Companies are definitely missing the boat.  Anyone who made it easy for women of any size to ... more