Today was a pretty chill day. We have the same routine pretty much everyday, I wake up and read then I hear the girls start waking up so I get them out of their bed and crib, change them and get them dressed. I start their breakfast and my coffee at the same time. Usually get to drink my coffee while they are eating.  ...more


So Im on my third pregnancy thats lasted to the 3d trimester. I have had two previous cesareans due to the first one had low amniotic fluid and I never went into labor technically because I was dehydrated or something like that, then the second I was planning a vbac but while in labor with her I had to have a NST and BPP- the ultrasound technician asked me tons of questions while I was having strong contractions but basically she was mad that I was so tiny and asked me things like "have you even gained any weight, this baby is so tiny" "Have you seen the limbs on ultrasound before?...more