Teenage Girl Hormones Are Strong -- and Contagious!

My boobs are HUGE today. I had a slight headache yesterday and a weird weepy spell and an insatiable hunger for chocolate. I woke up today to cramps and huge boobs so, yeah, it all makes sense now. It's "that" time of the month. In decades of this same pattern, I have been surprised each time by the simple explanation for symptoms that had me puzzled right up until I finally connected the (red) dots. Except I have not had periods for years. I am post-menopausal so, WTF?...more
Being a teenager myself, I know exactly what you are talking about! :) Oh those crazy hormones. more

Glass Slippers Just Show Our Nasty Feet to Everyone

Lets remember how smashed up our toes get in a pair of normal shoes. We don't see it and neither does anyone else, so we don't care. Now remember that glass doesn't breathe at all. So what we have are perfectly visible, smashed up, sweaty feet. Now this is what we are supposed to wear out with our dream man to dance on? Oh, come off it. Cinderella's fairy god mother was a sadist. ...more
This was great! more