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My Feelings About Election 2012, In Cat Pictures more

Did He Cheat?

I was in a very long line at Whole Foods, having stopped in after work to pick up what would pass for dinner. The “express” line was the longest line I’ve ever seen in my entire life, so I got in the regular line even though I only had a couple of things. A few minutes in, I heard a deep voice behind me: “It must be my lucky day to stand in line behind the woman who can rock those boots”. It was a little cheesy but when I turned around I liked the way he looked, I forgave him. ...more

Without knowing this guy or his wife personally, there's no way anyone can make a judgment about ... more


Conference:  BlogHer '11 Track:  Skills 2: The Write Brain About You Name:  Ann Imig URL: When bloggers talk about “audience” they usually mean readers. Have you ever considered reading your work, or speaking before a live audience? Does the idea intrigue you or leave you terrified? Yes and yes?...more

Can't we have this BEFORE the end of April?


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How Someone Becomes a Mean Girl

But they never ignored an opportunity. They always found a stray thread on my self-confidence to pull, ripping the seams and shredding my self-worth. Those girls grew up. Backpacks became Kate Spade bags and slap bracelets became diamond rings. They have a new playground – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, message boards. ...more

It's fantastic that you had the balls to write this. I totally get the urge to overcompensate ... more

Why We Need to Talk About Suicide

When I was 32 weeks pregnant, my father came for a visit. Dad lived two hours away from me, so having him show up suddenly for a visit wasn't unusual. In fact, I loved it. I'd wake up to the smells of breakfast cooking, coffee brewing and my Dad whistling happily to himself as he took over as caretaker in my house. ...more

This is beautiful. I'm so sorry.


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Hooters is Dangerous to Women, Children, and Owls

Looking for a great place to take the feminist family for a holiday meal, plus pick up some hilarious gifts for the kiddies? I’ve got the perfect place - Hooters. Seriously! According to Hooters Facts, 32% of Hooters management is female. Plus, they’ve donated $2 million to the V Foundation for Cancer Research in honor of “former Hooters Calendar Girl and manager, Kelly Jo Dowd, who passed away from the disease in 2006.” ...more

I just always wonder -- What would that owl think if he knew they were serving WINGS in there? ... more

The Best Tweets of 2010

2010 is wrapping up, so it's time to revisit the best tweets of 2010: the funniest, the most news-worthy, the awe-inspiring, or the just-plain-bizarre. ...more

I just tweeted about flicking a booger on anyone who invades my personal space bubble. Guessing ... more

Waxing, Shaving, Laser, Loose: What Do You Do About the Hair Down There?

We'll start with the problem: Hair. Sometimes ya just don't wait it in certain areas ... I've tried many different tactics to rid myself of the blasted stuff. ...more

I've tried it all, and so far the best option by far has been laser hair removal. It took me a ... more

The $100 Question: Tell Loralee About Your Pretend Paramours

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Loralee from Loralee's Looney Tunes ...more

I only have one boyfriend and his name is Michael Weston from Burn Notice and he loves me too I ... more

Interview: Anissa Mayhew Talks to BlogHer about Her Stroke, Her Recovery and the “Amazing” Support

Many of us know Anissa Mayhew as the ass-kicking, hard-charging author of Hope4Peyton and Free Anissa. Last November, we suddenly met her husband, Peter under circumstances we would never wish: Anissa had just suffered a massive stroke. He posted on her blog: I really just keep feeling like I’m in a bad dream. Do these people not realize who they are dealing with? This is Anissa Mayhew. The strongest, most amazing woman I’ve ever met. She’s thirtyfreakinfive and can move mountains with her smile. She can beat this. There was some hand squeezing the first evening. Baby step, but encouraging. Then came the news of the second bleed. ...more

Just having her back is enough for me!


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