Treat of the Week-Layered Strawberry Trifle

Happy New Year! Here is my treat for the week. I had some leftover strawberries and whipped topping from a Christmas dessert I made last week and decided to hurry up and use them before they spoiled. This is a super simple dessert that my mom taught me to make years ago and it seemed like a perfectly lazy way to use these leftover ingredients....more
@Darcie  Yes, I agree Darcie. Simple and delish is the way to go. more

The Business of Creative Blogging

From time to time I teach a Crafty Business Seminar.  One of the topics that I always cover is blogging. Not blogging about your pet cat or what you watched on TV last week, blogging for your business. When you run an online craft business having a blog to help augment your brand can be not only helpful it can also be tons of fun....more
Thank you so much for the resources and really good tips. I especially liked the one about which ... more

Growing Your Craft Blog With Link Parties

Some of the very first advice I received when starting up my craft blog was to link up to link parties to help my blog grow. I remember thinking to myself- "what in the heck is a link party?...more
Thanks for posting this information. I'm a new blogger and I had heard of link parties but never ... more